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Pilot: OPEN

  • Grade 2 or higher

  • TL1 or trusted TL0’s

  • Must be able to pass a basic knowledge test (65% pass)

  • Must provide a screenshot of your grade table

  • Have access to an Infinite flight PRO subscription

  • Be able to log a flight once every month


  • TL2 or higher. Trusted TL1’s will be accepted

  • Grade 3 or higher

  • Must be able to pass a Knowledge test (80% pass)

  • Have experience from other VA’s

  • Log a flight once every 2 weeks

  • Have access to an Infinite Flight PRO subscription

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Korean Virtual is in no way related to the real world airline Korean Air, we are affiliated with the mobile flight sim game Infinite Flight. All pictures are ours, and some were taken by IFC:Suhas

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