Professionalism at its best


Explore the skies of Korea with Korean Virtual! We have many open pilot positions are are still recruiting.

Training program

Our Chief Pilot and assistant pilots are here to help you get started. And thrive in the VA, with any support or info you need.



From high in the skies to our virtual airline, staff are here to help our pilots thrive in our mini community. We are currently still recruiting.


Training services:

Our chief pilot and assistant chief pilots are here to help pilots learn the necessary aviation procedures, strategies, and ATC. Any questions pilots have about anything aviation related or crew center related can be answered by our chief pilots.

Joining Process:

Once you submit a form, you will receive a notification from our account on the IFC with some instructions and a link to take a test. Once you complete the test, you will send your results to your requiter. If you pass you will be sent two links, one to join our crew center and the other to join our slack. That's it!!

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