Korean Virtual Group

Hi, and welcome to KVG or Korean Virtual Group. We are mainly located at Seoul Incheon airport, RKSI.

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What's New

Modern Crew Center

KVG now offers a state of the art crew center. Featuring a live map, weather map, booking system, flight plan system, and more! Pilots get access to this and need to sign up upon joining.


How we operate

Ranking Structure

Our simplistic ranking structure allows for pilots to fly all aircraft within our fleet, but be restricted to flight time.


Our diverse fleet of 2 airbus type aircraft, and 8 Boeing type aircraft. With a fleet of over 150 aircraft and over 1,000 aircraft pilots are never bored.


KVG's Events

At KVG, we try to host weekly/monthly events exclusivity for our pilots, and every so often we will create an event on the IFC that is available to all pilots on the forum.